Terms and Conditions of Sale


The services covered by these Terms and Conditions are offered by MARINELAND, a French Limited Company (Société par Actions Simplifiée – SAS), with a share capital of €2,280,000, registered in the Antibes Companies Register under number 036  920 924, whose registered office is located at 2 route de la Brague, 06600 ANTIBES, France, whose VAT number is FR 36 036920924 ("MARINELAND") and whose contact details are as follows:

  • Telephone number: +33 (0)4 93 33 49 49;
  • Email: contact@marineland.fr

    MARINELAND operates the "AQUASPLASH" water park.

    In the context of its activities, MARINELAND has contracted a professional insurance policy. 


    These General Terms and Conditions (the "Terms and Conditions"), together with the Special Terms and Conditions set out below in Section III (the "Special Terms and Conditions") and their appendices apply to the relationship between MARINELAND and any customer considered to be a consumer within the meaning of the Preliminary Article of the French Consumer Code (the "Customer(s)"), who purchases services in relation to the Parks via the AQUASPLASH website https://www.aquasplash.fr (the "Website").

    These General Terms and Conditions can be accessed at any time on the Website and can be printed and/or retained by the customer.


    The Customer confirms that (i) the information contained on the Website, (ii) the general information in the catalogue available on the Website and (iii) the information provided in this document is sufficient to receive clear and comprehensible pre-contractual information for any purchase.

    1.1 Services

    The services subject to these Terms and Conditions are those presented on the Website and include, in particular, the sale of Aquasplash admission tickets, the sale of certain types of Aquasplash admission tickets and season passes, as well as any other services offered on the Website (the "Services").

    1.2 Prices

    The prices of the services are those indicated on the Website. Any applicable discounts and promotions will be indicated on the Website at all times. When a purchase is made, the total price of the services purchased will be broken down into discounts/promotions applied (if any), charges to the customer and other additional charges for additional services or use of different payment methods. Discounts cannot be combined.

    Navigating through the information on the Website and the purchase process is free of charge for the customer.

    1.3 Purchase procedures

    To purchase any of the services available on the Website, the customer must follow the instructions given at each stage of the purchase process in the "BUY TICKETS" section of the Website and fill in the online forms with the required information. By completing these forms, the Customer is deemed to have read, understood and accepted the General Terms and Conditions and the Special Terms and Conditions. The Customer acknowledges and accepts that these procedures are necessary to purchase the Services offered in the "BUY TICKETS" section of the Website.

    The Customer acknowledges that the purchase contract will only be concluded if payment is made.

    By purchasing the Services, the Customer states that they have the capacity and age to be bound by these General Terms and Conditions and the Special Terms and Conditions, to use and, where applicable, to make purchases on the Website in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions and the Special Terms and Conditions, which they declare that they know, understand and accept in full. The Customer also expressly agrees that any purchase of Services under these Terms and Conditions and the Special Terms and Conditions is their sole responsibility.

    1.4 Service delivery date

    >Unless expressly stated otherwise in the Special Terms and Conditions, the Services may be used by the Customer on the date indicated on the Ticket once the purchase process has been completed.

    1.5 Documentation & Language

    By purchasing a Service on the Website, the Customer accepts the General Terms and Conditions and the Special Terms and Conditions applicable to the Services purchased, as well as the Park Operating Rules. The Customer must read these carefully before proceeding with the purchase.

    These General Terms and Conditions as well as the Special Terms and Conditions and their appendices are made available to the Customer prior to finalising the contract and remain accessible to the Customer at all times after the contract has been finalised.

    These General Terms and Conditions have been drafted in French and the purchase process will be carried out in this language.

    1.6 Technical resources

    The Website has been configured to alert the customer to any errors made when entering their details in the forms displayed on the screen during the purchase process.

    1.7 Changes to the General Terms and Conditions

    These Terms and Conditions come into force on the date of their last update (as indicated at the end of this document). In accordance with the requirements of good faith, fairness and transparency, MARINELAND reserves the right, at any time, to amend these General Terms and Conditions, the Special Terms and Conditions and any other terms and conditions or special terms and conditions that may be created, the Terms and Conditions of Use of the Website or any other applicable notifications. Changes will be effective upon publication and will only apply to Customers who access the Website after their effective date. For clarity, if such a change is made, it will not apply to purchases made by the Customer prior to that point.

    1.8 Amendments and refunds

    Without prejudice to the provisions relating to the right of withdrawal set out below in these Terms and Conditions, once the online purchase has been completed and the Services have been acquired by the Customer, no changes or refunds will be made except under the circumstances expressly provided for in the Special Terms and Conditions and/or the applicable regulations. If you wish to request a change or refund, please contact the reservations department, whose contact details are available on the Website.

    1.9 Payment methods

    Payments can be made by the following means:

    • Debit card, Visa, Mastercard, American Express
    • Cash
    • Bank transfer
    • ANCV cheque
    • CADO cheque
    • KLARNA : the Customer can choose to pay the Services in 3 instalments under KLARNA’s conditions. This payment method is only offered to private individuals (natural persons of legal age) residing in France and holding a payment card (Visa or Mastercard) which expiry date exceeds the duration of the financing, subject to KLARNA’s approval of the financing application. MARINELAND is not a party to the credit agreement entered into between the Customer and KLARNA and has no obligation in this respect. 

    MARINELAND guarantees that it has implemented appropriate measures and that these measures comply with current technological security standards, such as "Verisign". Access to transaction services and services involving the collection of personal data is done in a secure environment using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) with high security 128-bit encryption. The secure server establishes a connection so that information is sent in encrypted form, ensuring that any content sent is only intelligible to the Customer's computer and the MARINELAND server. Customers can verify that they are in a secure environment by checking that a locked padlock appears in the status bar of their browser. The security of MARINELAND servers is guaranteed by a certificate issued by VeriSign. This certificate guarantees that Users are sending their data to a MARINELAND server and not to a third party impersonator.

    As part of its commitment to fraud prevention, MARINELAND will co-operate with the payment platforms used for the purchase of products available on the Website as well as with the relevant authorities in providing information on any transaction, where appropriate, subject to strict and ongoing compliance with all applicable legal requirements.


    2.1 Right of Withdrawal

    When purchasing an undated ticket, the customer has the right to withdraw from the contract within fourteen (14) days without having to give a reason. The withdrawal period expires fourteen (14) days after the date on which the contract was finalised.

    2.2 How to exercise the right of withdrawal

    In order to withdraw from the contract, the Customer may use the cancellation form attached as Appendix 1 or any other notification of choice, provided that such notification unambiguously indicates the Customer's wish to withdraw from the contract, and the Customer shall send this to MARINELAND by registered mail before the expiry of a period of fourteen (14) days from the date of purchase of the Services, to the following address:  MARINELAND, 306 avenue Mozart, 06600 Antibes, FRANCE or by email to commercial@marineland.fr

    In order for the right of withdrawal to be respected, the Customer must notify MARINELAND of their wish to withdraw from the contract before the end of the withdrawal period. Any cancellation request returned illegible or issued after the expiry of this period will not be processed or refunded. 

    2.3 Result of withdrawal

    Where the Customer properly notifies MARINELAND of withdrawal, MARINELAND will refund the Customer all payments received in connection with the purchase of the relevant Services without undue delay and, at the latest, within fourteen (14) days of receipt of the notification of withdrawal. The refund will be made using the same means of payment that was used by the Customer to make the purchase, unless the Customer expressly agrees to a different means. In any event, the refund will be made at no cost to the Customer.

    Should the Customer have already used the Services during the withdrawal period and chooses to exercise the right of withdrawal, they shall pay MARINELAND an amount proportional to the Services used up to the date of withdrawal, as follows:

    • For Passes

    Number of uses: 0 = 100% refund

    Number of uses: 1 = refund of 40%

    Number of uses: 2 = refund of 20%

    • For undated tickets and meal vouchers:

    Number of uses: 0 = 100% refund

    Number of uses: 1 = 0% refund


    SAS MARINELAND strives to provide an excellent level of service to AQUASPLASH customers, creating a warm and friendly environment that will ensure our visitors have the best possible experience during their visit.

    However, MARINELAND recognises that sometimes things don’t go as planned and visitors may wish to make their dissatisfaction known. MARINELAND welcomes this feedback as it enables us to review and adapt AQUASPLASH operations to better meet the needs of its visitors.

    Complaints are usually best resolved at the time they arise, by speaking to one of the AQUASPLASH staff . If this is not appropriate, Customers may contact the relevant people or an available service manager.

    If the Customer is unable to make a complaint within the Park, they should contact AQUASPLASH as soon as possible, giving the following information:

    • Proof of visit
    • Date and time of visit
    • Name or description of any staff who have been called upon or are involved
    • Nature of the complaint (including time and place in the Park, if applicable)

    To make a request, Customers can contact AQUASPLASH by email at contact@aquasplash.fr or by post to AQUASPLASH , 306 avenue Mozart, 06600 Antibes, FRANCE.

    The sooner Customers contact AQUASPLASH , the sooner AQUASPLASH will be able to help them. AQUASPLASH will endeavour to resolve complaints within fourteen (14) days of receiving them.

    In any event, or after having contacted MARINELAND Customer Services, and in the absence of a satisfactory response, Customers may contact the Tourism and Travel Ombudsman at the following address https://www.mtv.travel/saisir-le-mediateur/ or by post to MTV – MEDIATION TOURISME VOYAGE, Service dépôt des saisines, BP 80303, 75823 Paris cedex 17, FRANCE.

    The European Commission also offers an online dispute resolution system for consumer complaints about e-commerce: https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/

    Email: disputeresolution@grpr.com


    These General Terms and Conditions and the Special Terms and Conditions, as well as the transactions arising from them, are governed by French law. In the event of a dispute, the competent Courts will be those designated by the legal and regulatory provisions in force.






    Ticket definitions

    Adult – OVER 12 years old

    Child – 3 to 12 years old inclusive and must be accompanied by a responsible adult

    Disabled – with proof of disability

    Group – on prior reservation for a minimum of 15 people

    Under 3 years old – Children aged 2 and under are admitted to AQUASPLASH free of charge (and do not need a ticket)

    • People with disabilities must present their ID card and a certificate or approved document proving their condition to the park's access staff.
    • Online tickets are non-refundable and cannot be transferred to another date.
    • Tickets are valid for the date or period specified on the ticket and during the opening hours indicated on the Aquasplash website
    • The Customer understands that they must retain their ticket during their stay in the park and present it to any employee who requests it.
    • The resale of tickets to third parties is prohibited.
    • Customers are informed that the Parks may be closed in the event of bad weather or for reasons of park capacity, security or public health. MARINELAND will endeavour to give as much notice as possible via the Website and official social media profiles, and will offer Customers a new date on which to use their admission tickets or another reasonable substitute.


      The conditions under which passes are offered are listed below:

      1.   The types of pass detailed below are the only options we offer:

      a.    SILVER PASS comprises:

                                               i.    free entry to Marineland and Adventure Golf up to 31st December + 4 entries to Aquasplash during the summer

                                              ii.    10% discount in restaurants (except Red Hippo) and shops

                                             iii.    50% discount on parking

      b.    GOLD PASS comprises:

                                               i.    free entry to Marineland and Adventure Golf up to 31st December + 8 entries to Aquasplash during the summer

                                              ii.    15% discount in restaurants (except Red Hippo) and shops

                                             iii.    50% discount on parking

      c.    DIAMOND PASS comprises:

                                               i.    free entry to Marineland and Adventure Golf up to 31st December and free entry to Aquasplash during the summer

                                              ii.    20% discount in restaurants (except Red Hippo) and shops

                                             iii.    50% discount on parking

      d.    WEEKLY PASS includes free access to Aquasplash for one week.

      2.   Children's passes can only be purchased in combination with an adult pass.

      3.   If Passholders visit Aquasplash as part of a group or school, they must pay the group or school rate.

      4.   Annual passes are valid from the date of purchase up to 31st December of the current year.

      5.   Passes and season tickets are not transferable.

      6.   Any misuse of a pass or season ticket may result in its cancellation.

      7.   The card must be shown in order to benefit from the discounts granted to passholders.

      8.   Replacement season tickets will only be issued on presentation of proof of identity that includes a photograph, such as a national identity card, driving licence or passport.

      9.   Free entry to Aquasplash will not be permitted without a valid pass.

      10.Any change of address must be notified in writing, by post or email to commercial@marineland.fr.

      11. Admission is free for children under 3 years old. Any child of a current passholder who reaches their third birthday will be charged a full day's entry fee or must pay for a pro-rata pass.

      12. There are no short term passes (except for three year olds) or pro-rata refunds if you wish to end a pass before it expires.

      13. AQUASPLASH is open 75 days per year. If AQUASPLASH is forced to close due to circumstances beyond its control as a result of force majeure, the pass will not be extended and the purchase price will not be refunded.

      14. AQUASPLASH reserves the right to refuse admission and to cancel a pass for any reason deemed necessary.


      (Please complete and return this form only if you wish to withdraw from the contract)

      For the attention of the Marineland Sales Department:

      I/We (*) hereby give notice of my/our (*) withdrawal from the contract for the provision of the following services:

      Purchased on:

      Name of customer(s):

      Address of customer(s):

      Signature of customer(s) (only if this form is submitted on paper):



      (*) Delete as appropriate.