Swimsuits allowed

Dress code to be respected for everyone's wellbeing.

Swimming costumes and shorts, along with burkinis, are permitted on the slides, provided they are made of swimwear material, do not reach further than just below the elbows for the sleeves and just below the knees for the legs. Clothing that covers the body, such as wetsuits, is not permitted. The head and neck must be kept clear on slides to avoid the risk of strangulation. Bathing dresses, sarongs, jeans, jogging suits and briefs worn under swimming shorts are strictly prohibited.

Ordinary clothing is permitted away from the water, so you may remain clothed if you are not swimming.

Our lifeguards will ensure that these instructions are followed. You will find all the conditions relating to swimming costumes in our Rules of Conduct.

Unlimited fun for 7 days!

Unlimited fun for 7 days!

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