Pirate Island

Type of attraction
 Waves, Rivers & Pools
Kids and families
Access limitations
Minimum height: 105 cm
Maximum height: 150 cm
From 18 June to 31 August 2022
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Show the world your strength in this water activity!

Here, mini-pirates are in their element. They may be little – between 1.05 m and 1.50 m to be exact – but they're daring!

Pirate Island offers a variety of slides in all colours, shapes and sizes, including spiral ones. What makes this water activity unique is that it is well guarded by skulls, hungry sharks, scary privateer faces and one-eyed sailors fresh from fierce battles. With its palm trees, treasure chests and large steering wheel, the little sailors will have a very special experience.

We are proud to present "Pirate Island", our favourite activity for families with young children.

This attraction has everything your children need to enjoy grand adventures in the world of pirates and privateers, from spectacular raids to the sharing of booty after the battle and from the capture of a vessel and its crew after a sea battle to the imprisonment of the defeated... 

Parents beware, on Pirate Island your children will become tough pirates who are ready for anything. Games and fun, all in a setting dominated by water.  Your children become real pirates for a few hours!

With its slides and waterfalls, "Pirate Island" is, without a doubt, one of Aquaplash's most entertaining attractions. Children can spend hours full of fun and adventure in complete safety.

Enjoy endless water fights between pirates and privateers for fun that never ends.

But, don't forget to respect the safety rules and pay attention to our lifeguards.

Feel free to send us your comments and photos on our social networks! Our visitors are our treasure. 

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