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Check out Kid's Island and Adventure Golf, our two other parks, for even more fun with your family and friends!

Located right next to Aquasplash, just a few steps and you’re there.

Kid's Island, the animal park in Antibes that has been designed with kids in mind

Would you like to give your kids an incredible day out? Kid's Island provides the opportunity to meet a variety of entertaining animals and to round off your day with new rides and adventures... Enjoy a day full of excitement alongside the park's animals.

Kid's Island is perfect for kids who want to have fun, offering a wide range of rides and activities,including:

  • Magic River for a two-person adventure on a float

  • Casafrica, Urban Adventure, Funambulo, Kid's Lanta... themed play areas, but also many other activities for you to discover throughout the day!

Plus, you can get to know our farm animals! This mini animal park is home to various creatures. You will encounter iconic farm animals like rabbits, donkeys, goats, geese, sheep, etc. As well as exotic animals like the Maki Catta, a type of lemur from Madagascar. Your little ones will have the opportunity to get up close to some of the animals. What's more, they can even take a pony ride or have a go on the "Chevaux Galopants" carousel ride. 

Kid's Island looks forward to helping you make some unforgettable family memories on your holiday!


Adventure Golf: for hardcore mini-golf games in Antibes

Swinging fun comes in small sizes, too. Here, mini-golf is an entertaining, challenging and fun sport for all ages.

The challenge is faced over 18 holes with a choice of 3 courses designed according to different degrees of difficulty. This game tests the skill and nerve of its players with many obstacles and pitfalls.

The courses are obviously much shorter than in classic golf and you can have a lot of fun even if you don't have the technique of a professional. However, you will need to adopt the right stance to hit the ball with restraint and precision, so as to reach the final hole with as few strokes as possible.

Do you fancy a game of mini-golf in Antibes? Then head to Adventure Golf, a lush green area suitable for the whole family. On a sunny day, enjoy this fun and ever so friendly adventure. 

Various obstacles will hinder you from reaching your goal and it is rare to get a hole in one, only the best, or luckiest manage to do so.  

Along the 3 routes, you'll encounter animals from the Jurassic World in unusal settings, directly inspired by three of Jules Verne's stories.

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